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Getting Started in GridWorld

GridWorld is the former AP case study. It’s a great opportunity to get familiar with a larger code base and see an example of well-designed object-oriented code at work. I hope you’ll have fun working with it, too! (If you run into problems, consult the AP GridWorld Installation Guide )

Getting the files

Move the zipped file to your JavaFun / Ch9 folder.
Right click on the file, select "Extract All".
You can now delete the zipped version.


You’ll need to add the Gridworld jar file to your CLASSPATH. Follow these images (click on to enlarge):

Make sure to select gridworld.jar

When done go here: part 1

For Eclipse Directions look HERE

Exploring GridWorld

Read through the first part of the case study narrative. Familiarize yourself with the GridWorld environment, experiment with the new OO ideas we have learned and quickly answer all the questions in this section (should be really straight-forward).

Take a look at the second part of the case study narrative. Work through the exercises.