College Credit Options

Seeking College Credit

There are two ways for students to earn college credit through AP CS. 

First, students may elect to take the AP Exam in May. If they are successful many colleges will accept there AP score for college credit or placement. The price for the 2016 testing year is $92. Sign ups and initial payments are usually due late January.

Second, student can sign up for UW in the HS by the end of October. The grade students get on there in class exams and projects determine there UW grade.  At the end of the year students can request a UW transcript and they will have credit for CS 142 (it appears like an on campus section).  The UW in the HS program costs approximately $370.

In summary AP- less expensive, but one high stakes test and a score that colleges can choose what to do with,  UW in the HS- more expensive, but based on a larger body of work resulting in UW college credits that can transfer to other schools.

Good AP Resources

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